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What makes you a Rarebreed Samurai


The Japanese term Samurai means “to serve”. So what Master do you serve?

You, of course! You serve you and your family.

In conjunction with our system of money management and banking,

the Rarebreed Samurai thinks and practices, FutureNOW or the ‘Mirai ima Kyogi’.

FutureNOW thinking manifests in how you live your life. In life,

business and in financial terms, how you think about money.


Applying these Rarebreed Samurai traits to money and debt reduction will ensure your personal success.

The 8 virtues or values of the FutureNOW 'Kyogi' are;

1. Rectitude and Integrity (‘Gi’)


One’s power to decide upon their own Future-Self and to have an unwavering commitment to the achievement of their goals and mission


Rectitude is the strongest virtue to being a Rarebreed Samurai


2. Courage (‘Yuki’)


Courage can be distinguished from bravery in that true courage is

you simply doing what is right.


3. Humanity and Charity (‘Jin’)

Love, benevolence, affection and empathy for others is

the highest of human virtues.


4. Respect (‘Rei’)

Respect means that you acknowledge your regard for the

experiences and feelings of others


5. Honesty  and Sincerity (‘Makoto’)


Be true to yourself and sincere in your intentions.

FutureNOW is not about the acquisition of wealth for its own sake.

Money and wealth are merely the tools of exchange and you transact to fulfil your FutureNOW virtues, to be simply better off and to lead your life as you wish.


6. Honour and Dignity (‘Meiyo’)


Rarebreed Samurai’s uphold a sense of self-worth and live by

the highest code of moral conduct.

7. Loyalty (‘Chugi’)


True Rarebreed Samurai’s remain loyal to whom they are

emotionally and spiritually indebited .


Loyalty to one’s Future-self means not abandoning the commitments

you have made to yourself and your family even under difficult circumstances.


8. Self-Control (‘Fisei’)


Self-control in the FutureNOW ‘Kyogi’ means adhering to this code under all circumstances, when with others and when alone.