Improving your chances of "Getting Lucky" this Valentines

Married couple, Chris and Rachel have decided to meet after work for a meal at their favourite Japanese restaurant. They don’t normally celebrate Valentines, but without speaking about it, both have felt a little disconnected from each other lately – their frantic schedules and pressures at work have meant their “we time” has gone begging.

Secretly, they’re both really looking forward to the night and are excited by their expectations for the evening.

….. It proved to be terrific dinner, the wine they chose was a favourite and they hadn’t ‘talked and laughed about nothing’ like that in ages.

Arriving home, Rachel placed her hand in Chris’s lap, gives him that (Her) devilish look and quickly gets out of the car.

On the porch, they exchange a warm kiss as Chris fumbles with the door keys.

Both are feeling loved up – their chances for “getting lucky” tonight is good.

As Rachel heads to the bedroom, she’s already pulled her hair out and cautions to Chris she’ll, “only be a minute, “I’m just getting comfortable”.

Chris is thinking Rachel’s “comfortable” tonight is not the usual tracky-daks and T-shirt. He bee-lines for the sound system and his Spotify, scrolling through his library favourites until he finds the right one, ‘Midnight Moods’. The house fills with the chocolate smooth sounds of Sade’s, ‘Smooth Operator’.

Perfect, there’s a bottle of Champagne in the fridge. Degorging the cork and grabbing a couple of Champagne flutes, with eager dexterity Chris manages to unbutton his shirt with one hand and awkwardly balance their night-cap drinks in the other.

As he makes it to the bedroom Rachel is there, enticingly beautiful, laying seductively on the bed in black lace and heels. The room is diffused in her perfume. She’s lit candles on the bedside tables and a flickering warm glow dances over her face and skin.

“Thank you, Sweetheart for taking me out for dinner tonight, the food was amazing”.

“It was great, but so it should have been for the cost! We’ll need to cut back our spending this month.” [Chris’s first mistake of the evening]

“Let’s not worry about that, now, says Rachel. “Maybe you can cancel your golf weekend with the Boys?” [Now, Rachel’s first]

“Or, maybe you can skip going to the hairdresser, on Saturday! I’ve been working bloody hard.”

“And, I don’t work, too?", Rachel rebuts.

Then, how these exchanges always go, it all finished before it got started. ‘Smooth Operator’ somehow screeched into Dragonforce’s, ‘Valley of the Damned’.


You see, while love and money are essential life ingredients, they tend to curdle when mixed.

The question of money and happiness has long been debated. Money in itself of course does not buy happiness, yet our financial decisions do indeed impact on our ability to live our desired life.

It is here that we, at Rarebreed Finance have a simple solution and strategy, FutureNOW.

With smart credit advice and Rarebreed’s exclusive FutureNOW money management they’ll help you get closer to connecting with your FutureSELF, and your future opportunity, so you are more likely to save for retirement, make healthy decisions, and avoid rash spending behaviours.

FutureNOW can set you up to cut years off your Home Loan and personal debts and save you thousands in interest costs so you can enjoy life now and look forward to a better future.

With a personalised FutureNOW strategy for just $29.95, these results can be achieved with JUST the money you have NOW or even better results where further savings can be found - here, we can help you find even more ways to save!


Just incontestable money logic and easy to implement plans

FutureNOW can positively affect, not only your financial decisions and tangible outcomes but also the intangible aspects.

Research by IOOF [White Paper, The true value of advice. 2015] uncovered significant emotional benefits experienced by clients who have a money management plan compared to those consumers who do not. These included having:

  • 13 per cent greater levels of overall personal happiness

  • 21 per cent more peace of mind with regards to their financial future

  • 20 per cent increased feelings of security regarding their day to day finances.

Perhaps even more importantly, the research found that clients who receive professional ongoing money management advice experience additional positive social and personal benefits, compared to individuals who don’t. They found that ongoing financial care clients are:

  • 19 per cent less likely to have arguments with loved ones about money

  • 21 per cent less likely to have their personal relationships impacted due to concerns about money.

The most compelling statistic to emerge from the research is that those who have more of a connectedness with their FutureSELF and who receive ongoing money management advice are;

22 per cent more likely to feel as though they are living their ideal life.

With their new-found understanding and simple to implement FutureNOW strategy, Chris and Rachel will try Valentine’s again…. next Year.

Happy Valentines Day

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