myFutureNOW 'EPIC Home Office'

How does it work?

We know you are checking your bank accounts more and more online. With the myFutureNOW ‘EPIC Home Office’ you can view all your bank accounts, loans, mortgages, shares, superannuation and credit cards in one beautiful dashboard.

It’s easy to use and works on any device.

In real-time all of your transactions are linked and automatically categorised so you can see where your money is and how you are spending it.

Everything is available to you right from your ‘Wealth Desk’ dashboard.

And for you the app also provides the opportunity to engage with your Rarebreed Adviser in your own portal to discuss how you are tracking.

Track your Goals                  


You can set up any savings or debt reduction Goals you like—a home deposit, a wedding, a car. Our Goal update graphs will help you keep an eye on these Goals without doing a thing.

It’s really easy to set up a Goal inside your app, then you’ll automatically receive a weekly update of how you’re going—and whether you’re on track or not.

That means the Goal won’t slip away because of too many lattes or online sale temptations.

A completely secure, fully encrypted service


Your information is protected with bank-level security every step of the way. SSL/TLS creates an encrypted connection between your browser and our servers - your passwords are transmitted and stored in encrypted format at all times.

Multi-level security is employed throughout, to banking industry standards.


myFutureNOW 'EPIC Home Office' cost is just $29.95 per month. NO lock in Contracts

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