Money Management & Debt Reduction - Overview

Rarebreed Technologies Pty Ltd, established in July 2017, is a ‘Fintech’ business. We have developed a financial services advice tool called FutureNOW Money Management.

FutureNOW is a SaaS platform that supports Financial Service Providers (AFSL’s, Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers) with the ability to deliver holistic advice to their Clients in the areas of personal Cash flow/Money Management, Debt Reduction and Investment to Superannuation.

Barriers to providing advice in these areas

There is no other software in the marketplace that provides this to the financial services industry in an efficient and comprehensive (end-to-end) way.

In real-time, FutureNOW models various cash flow management strategies, then calculates and simulates one’s financial ‘Future-self’.

Future-self Concept?

The concept of one's future-self is an aspect of planning out future opportunities or occurrences that might affect one's future.

Behavioural Science has identified that people think about their future-selves similarly to how they think about other people. Whilst cognitively they recognise their future-self as themselves, they discount this ‘person’ and contextually relate as if they were somebody else - a stranger!

The extent to which people feel psychologically and emotionally connected (i.e. similarity, closeness) to their future-self influences how well they treat and make decisions today for their future-self. Studies in connectedness to one’s future-self have shown that when people feel a closeness to their future-self, they are more likely to save for retirement, make healthy decisions, and avoid ethical transgressions. Interventions that increase feelings of connectedness with future-selves can improve future-oriented decision making across these domains.

In terms of personal finance, FutureNOW provides that intervention and allows for those in the areas of financial advice to present this to their clients.

FutureNOW succeeds because;

  1. of the simple and incontestable logic built into the modelling of FutureNOW;

  2. the significant improvement in financial outcomes that can result;

  3. the low-barriers to Client behavioural modification and implementing the advice recommendations;

  4. and most relevant, it offers solutions to the financial concerns most ‘present-self’ Clients want answered by financial services providers: Those questions being;


Question 1? - “I wish to manage my money better. We don’t seem to be getting ahead.”

Question 2? - “How do I reduce my Debt and pay my Home Loan off ASAP.

Question 3? - “I wish to have a comfortable Retirement.



The “FutureNOW” principles and priorities are:


Clients learn more about their cash flow movements and spending behaviours – without this knowledge it will be difficult for them to establish and maintain their Cash flow budget and understand their “consumer behaviours”. 


  1. Set simple, practical and realistic budgets on expenditure with the absolute intent to ensure they have greater income than expenditure.

  2. Within their budget, ensure that they retain a cash flow buffer, recognising that cash flow (inflow and outflow) will have its up’s & downs and that it is wise to have available “cash at hand”; enough to insure you against life’s misfortunes, breakages and inflation.

  3. Use simple and cost efficient banking and loan structures. 

  4. Next, rid yourself of high interest debt.

  5. Strategy to save for a ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ (BHAG) – your priorities before paying down your home loan. Things like, planning for a single household income whilst you are caring for a new Baby or planning that “once-in-a-lifetime holiday”.

  6. Pay your Home Loan off as soon as possible

  7. Invest in your retirement, over and above your Superannuation Guaranteed Contributions, as soon as you are able and can afford to.


‘FutureNOW’ is designed to provide the Adviser a collaborative tool to use with their Clients so as to consider any refinancing benefits within their advice.

‘FutureNOW’ simultaneously analyses up to 5 residential loans across 7 strategies and compares the outcomes to their Client’s current loans, predicting the term reduction, interest cost and repayment savings that could be made on their own Home Loan.

‘FutureNOW’ can simulate a range of methods of how their Clients should approach the paying off of their high interest debts (Credit Cards, Motor Vehicle Loans and Personal Loans). ‘FutureNOW’ automatically calculates the shortest term where each debt can be repaid, the interest cost saving and total repayments that are also saved.

As goals are achieved and debts are paid off, the savings are cascaded to the next goal, in ‘best outcome’ order.


When high interest debts are paid off, ‘FutureNOW’ points any surplus income towards saving for a Client’s ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’. It projects the date at which this savings goal will be achieved.

Once high interest non-deductible debts are paid off and important savings goals have been achieved the calculator looks to pay off the Clients home loan in the shortest possible time and sets the target date for achievement of this.

When the Clients Home Loan is paid off, savings are pointed towards investment into a Client's Retirement Planning.

The example tables below shows an overview of the ‘FutureNOW’ results of how a Clients Goals and Objectives project the potential outcomes by implementing the advice strategies.

Example Strategy

Pay your Home Loan Off Sooner

The Benefits of Saving to Offset

What If - You Saved even More?

'Cascade' Personal High Interest Debt Reduction

Our 'Life of Relationship Value Proposition

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