FutureNOW Frequently Asked Questions

Who should purchase our FutureNOW Money Management and Debt Reduction Strategy?

The FutureNOW Money Management and Debt strategy and recommendations should be of value to anyone in Australia who has a home loan or personal non-deductible debt.

The strategy and recommendations are personalised using the Fact Find information you provide to us.

It does NOT involve any added risk to you or suggest any "clever" financial or investment property schemes - just incontestable, easy to implement strategies.

What are the Steps in the Process?

Once we have received your payment your dedicated Rarebreed Credit Adviser will be appointed to assist you. They will make personal contact with you via phone or video conference to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have.

Your Credit Adviser will then invite you onto our secure online Client Portal where you can provide to us all the information we will require. It will take you about 30 -45 minutes to complete this Discovery/Fact Find session.

Once all relevant information is provided we will analyse and prepare your personalised FutureNOW Money Management strategy and recommendations and then send it to you.

Following receipt of your FutureNOW Money Management and Debt Reduction strategy and recommendations your Rarebreed Credit Adviser will contact you with further instruction as to how to proceed with our recommendations.

What will I receive with my purchase of a FutureNOW Money Management and Debt Reduction Strategy?

Following your purchase and the receipt of the information that we will require, you will receive:

  • Your FutureNOW Personalised Money Management Strategy

  • myFutureNOW Income & Expenses Analysis

  • Property Valuation Report

  • Personal Equifax Credit Report

  • A Statement of Credit Advice from Rarebreed Finance with recommendations about your existing loan products and opportunities to refinance to more suitable loan products.


  • An Ongoing Financial Care Offer that will provide you with regular reports on your progress and access to ongoing advice and support from your dedicated Rarebreed Credit Adviser.


How long will it be before I will receive my Strategy Paper?

Once you have provided to us all of the required information and any supporting documents about you we will endeavour to provide to you your personalised strategy and our recommendations within 72 hours.

How will I receive my Strategy Paper?

You will receive our information package by email. We will use the email address you have provided to us in your Fact Find Information.


Are there any future costs or obligation for me to proceed with the recommendations?

No. You are under no obligations or have any future costs if you did not see value in that advice or simply wish not to proceed. Our Ongoing Financial Care Offer will include our recommendation to subscribe to myFutureNOW 'EPIC Home Office',our online Personal Money Manager and online Money Coach. The subscription cost of this is $29.95 per month.


Can I get a Refund on my purchase?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on the premise that you complete your online financial Fact Find and attend our online Discover Meeting with your dedicated Rarebreed Adviser . If the FutureNOW Personalised Money Management recommendations do not provide you with a benefit and you do not feel it has added value, you can advise us in writing and we will provide to you a full refund.


How secure is my Personal Information?

We recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information. We employ strict policies and security measures to protect the information you provide us.

When you register with us using our online tools or you provide us with your personal information, you give us consent to process and use such submitted personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy applies to all protected personal information collected, maintained or used by Us.

Here is a link to our Privacy Policy - https://www.rarebreed.finance/privacy-policy

All personal information provided online is entered through Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) which creates an encrypted connection between your browser and our servers. This information is kept encrypted at all times. This means that all account passwords and any user IDs are protected.

A Two-factor authentication process strengthens your sign in security by requiring 2 steps to verify your identity: your password and temporary code available only on your mobile at that moment. Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect against remote attacks and other attempts to access your account and personal information.

This security is just like the system your bank will employ.

How can we offer such a big discount off the usual cost of this service?

Our usual cost of this service if we are to meet face-to-face is $1,195. We can make this Special Offer to you for $399.00 because much of the process and service can now be provided online, making it far more efficient.

In many cases we are also able to recommend that you consider refinancing your existing credit products as our recommendation would better meet with your needs and objectives by providing you with increased savings or by reducing your interest costs and/or loan terms.

Where Rarebreed Finance provides you this credit service and you refinance or obtain a new loan, Rarebreed Finance will be paid a commission by the Lender. Details of any such remuneration will be disclosed within a Statement of Credit Advice provided to you before you decide to proceed.


General Advice Warning


The information contained on your FutureNOW Money Management and Debt Reduction Strategy is general in nature and does not take into account your complete personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek professional advice from a professional adviser.


Superannuation, Retirement Adequacy, Taxation, legal and other matters referred to are of a general nature only and are based on generic calculations and interpretation of laws and regulations existing at the time and should not be relied upon in place of appropriate professional advice. Those laws may change from time to time.


If it is not clear to you what is and isn’t included in our recommendations, please let us know. Due to the scope being limited and general in nature, our recommendations may not be appropriate to your overall financial situation. You should carefully assess how appropriate the recommendations are given your full financial situation.


If the information you have provided to us is incomplete or inaccurate, you will need to consider if our advice is appropriate for your circumstances and objectives before you act on it.

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